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Quality and service commitment
Company Aim
      Quality First  Customers First  Honesty & Innovation  Keeping Credit
Quality Policy

      in order to meet the requirements and expectations from customers, providing qualified products and services based on customer satisfaction, we formulate our quality management policy to be: 100-1=0. 

      Our quality purpose: Each employee shall be aware of the importance of quality. For any defectives occurred in the production process, they must reexamine the whole batch immediately, continuously developing new products, fulfilling our commitment to our customers based on best quality and highest efficiency to keep the vitality of enterprise.

Environmental policy

       We are committed to continuous improvement for pollution and environmental performance based on relevant requirements, in compliance with relevant laws, regulations and target indicators.

       Policy basis: Keep continuous improvement for activities, products and services to provide customers with highly qualified, environmental protection and green products by taking environmental protection vision relevant to customers and society as the starting point, which can fully demonstrate our intention and principle for environmental protection.

Occupation Safety and Health policy

       Safety & high quality, environmental protection & Health, compliance with laws and regulations, continuous improvement

          The meaning of the policy:

      Safe and high quality: Conduct risk evaluation through hazard identification, taking control measures to reduce risks and accidents, thus to improve safety performance. Create highly qualified products, cultivating quality awareness for the production process, maintaining the vitality of enterprises with best quality and highest efficiency.

Environmental protection and health: educate and encourage employees to work with environmental protection attitude, gradually improving the environmental protection awareness and ability of all employees by emphasizing the importance of pollution predication and safety predication to provide health and safety guarantee for local and non-local employees without casualties. Make full use of resources and minimize consumption by energy conservation, pollutant emission control and continuous environment improvement throughout the whole production process.

      Comply with laws and regulations: consciously abide by the relevant national and local laws, regulations and other requirements in the process of enterprise management and production process. 

      Continuous improvement: take improvement measures to realize continuous improvement towards quality, environment and occupational health and safety performance through continuous inspection and regular reviews. 
Product environmental protection policy

      Take RoHS as foundation. Take green purchasing criterion as standard. Aim at chemical substance management guideline       

Tactic philosophy
      Insist on commanding overall situation with the viewpoint of scientific development. Speed up management innovation and raise consciousness of development
Management policy
      Sincerity and Credit   Mutual benefit   Equality    Cooperation  
Management target
      Sales income increases 25% and tax profit increases 20&
Management philosophy
      Credit for foundation   Stable developing  Create worthiness for
      customer, seek for development for employees and bear responsibility for society.
Value viewpoint
      Keep credit and obey law   Lay stress on actual performance    Reform ceaselessly
Industry policy
      Put electronic & electric industry core industry and boost the company into multi-industry development.
Quality promise
      Pay most attention to the customers,Satisfy the customers and surpass the customer’s expectation.
Long-range mission
      Forge ahead toward the world famous brand and pay back the country with our property.
Long-range target
     Make a world first class electronic products manufacturer.
Developing direction
      Improving the quality of the products,Creating the brand of Jinlong
      Increasing the technical input,perfecting the series products
      Retain advantage of technology,constructing the world sales net;
      Attending international competition,Seeking cooperation companion;
      Operating multi-production & management,Forming group scale.
Main products
Dominant products
     Series JXO terminal block (board) for air-conditioner
     Radiator   Electric fan Pipe Ass’y and Switches etc.
Other products
      Various wiring hardness
      Various connector for machinery and electrical appliances
      Changeover switch for air-conditioner
      Connecting terminal  
      Injection workshop, punching workshop, Die developing workshop,  Assembling workshop,
      Connector division,Switch division, Radiator division,Electric fan fittings division

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